• Eliminating Food Waste At Christmas

    While we all love Christmas, it can come at a huge cost – not only to our purses, but also to the environment. Unilever’s research in 2015...

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  • Happy Vegan Christmas!

    To think that vegans were once stereotypically thought of as hippies eating ‘weird’ food is extraordinary and thankfully, by 2019, times really...

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  • Eating The Seasons

    The concept of eating seasonally is very simple; it essentially involves eating foods that are grown at the same time as you eat them. In a world of 24-hour...

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  • Spice Up Your Life!

    As well as using the best local and seasonal fresh produce, here at EBL Events, we love to use spices as an easy way to create fantastic flavour, adding...

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  • A Christmas Party With EBL Events!

    As the nights continue to close in, and the festive season draws closer and closer, many of our clients are planning their Christmas parties. We have teamed...

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  • Weddings in France

    From the scented lavender fields and rolling vineyards of Provence to the sparkling coastline of the Cote d’Azur with its olive groves, pine forests...

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  • Cooking With Game

    As the game season continues, so does our appetite for cooking with ­exciting ingredients - pheasant, grouse, partridge, venison - and each creature...

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  • Autumnal Produce

    As the air begins to feel more crisp and leaves turn to shades of amber and red, it may feel as though summer is over, but Autumn is a wonderful time to...

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  • Sourdough September!

    “Pizza makes me think that anything is possible”— Henry Rollins, musician It’s ‘Sourdough September’ and there’s...

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